“The Intern” Film Review

If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that Nancy Meyers is my favorite filmmaker and screenwriter.  From “What Women Want” to “It’s Complicated,” I have loved every film that she has done.  And “The Intern” is no exception.

What makes this film work the most is the friendly chemistry between Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.  I say “friendly” because there is absolutely no romantic tension between the two, as it should be.  Meyers takes an interesting premise and turns into a delightful and charming comedy, making it the first hit of the fall.

Ben (De Niro) is a widowed, retired man living in Brooklyn.  He spends his day with meditation, reading the paper at Starbucks and trying to dodge the female widows looking to go out with Ben.  It’s a somewhat boring life for Ben, and he is looking to get back to doing something.

One day Ben sees an advertisement for senior interns for a start-up company, and the listing does indeed mean senior citizens. So Ben decides to submit the requested video application and receives an interview.  The company is called About the Fit and is an e-commerce fashion company, ran by the kind, overworked and guarded Jules Ostin (Hathaway).  Ben ends up getting one of the internships with the company, and it turns out his assignment is to assist Jules.  Ben has a lot of experience of his own after being a VP for Dex Phone Books.

At first, Jules admits to Ben that she will rarely have any work for him.  But once she starts to see how much the office loves him, and how faithful he can be, she starts to open up to Ben and trusts him.  The two of them build a strong friendship, where Ben drives Jules to work and lets her vent about the company and her life.  Plus, this is a very stressful time for Jules since the investors of the company want Jules to meet with more “seasoned” CEOs to help run the company.

Another side story going on is Ben’s new crush, Fiona (played wonderfully by Rene Russo).  Fiona is the in-house masseuse for About the Fit, and the two of them hit it off.  It’s one of my favorite parts of the story because who doesn’t love Rene Russo?  I would love to see Meyers do a film with Russo in the lead.

As the film goes on, the chemistry between De Niro and Hathaway gets better and better.  Meyers did a good job of casting two very talented actors who were born to play these roles.  It’s nice to see Hathaway in another film as well.  The two of them are also supported by some funny roles, like Adam DeVine’s character.  It makes for an all around solid ensemble.

Finally, the viewer always knows that this film has Meyers written all over it.  From the direction, the music, the sophistication and dialogue, this is an excellent comedy.  We need more films like this in the world where you can just go to the cinema and see a terrific film that leaves you feeling good inside.


Nancy Meyers is my director/writer goddess, and I am totally fan-boying over “The Intern.”  There is one of part of the story that I was a little unhappy with, but it’s minor.  I can’t wait to see what Meyers comes up with next because I know she has a few more good stories in her.  Rated PG-13.

4 and a half diamonds


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