“Bridge of Spies” Film Review

Note: I had the opportunity to see an advanced screening of “Bridge of Spies.” Brains, thrills and gusto are three words that I would use to describe “Bridge of Spies.”  Brains because this is one sharp written screenplay from Matt Charman (“Suite Française”) and Joel and Ethan Coen (“Fargo” “No Country For Old Men”). Thrills because director Steven Spielberg (“Schindler’s List” “Saving Private Ryan”) knows how … Continue reading “Bridge of Spies” Film Review

Film Glamour’s Top Ten Overrated Films

There are some films that critics and audiences loved that I could not get into.  They were either too long, unfunny or just poorly developed in my mind.  Here are my ten overrated films. 1. “Titanic” (1997) Cast: Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Billy Zaze, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Gloria Stuart, Bill Paxton and Victor Garber. Director: James Cameron (“The Terminator” “Avatar”) Writer: James Cameron What it … Continue reading Film Glamour’s Top Ten Overrated Films

Film Glamour’s Top Ten Romantic Comedies

I am a huge fan of romantic comedies, from cheezy to well done ones.  Below are my top ten romantic comedies.  This was hard to chose. 1. “Something’s Gotta Give” (2003) Cast: Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Keanu Reeves, Amanda Peet, Frances McDormand and Jon Favreau. Director: Nancy Meyers (“What Women Want” “The Holiday” “The Intern” “The Parent Trap” (1998)) Writer: Nancy Meyers Premise: A swinger … Continue reading Film Glamour’s Top Ten Romantic Comedies

Film Glamour’s Top Ten Guilty Pleasures

There are so many films that I find to be enjoyable that most people or critics could not stand.  So I have put together a list of ten films that are my top guilty pleasures.  Come on…you know we all have them. 1. “Because I Said So” (2007) Cast: Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, Gabriel Macht, Tom Everett Scott, Lauren Graham, Piper Perabo and Stephen Collins. … Continue reading Film Glamour’s Top Ten Guilty Pleasures

“Working Girl” Film Review

The late Mike Nichols is a brilliant director.  He is known for films like “The Graduate” and “The Birdcage.”  I decided it was time to view Nichols’ 1988 film “Working Girl,” a funny and wonderfully acted film about women trying to make it ahead in the male dominated business world.  Even if it means not playing fair. Tess McGill (played terrifically by Melanie Griffith) is … Continue reading “Working Girl” Film Review

“Maleficent” Film Review

“What an awkward situation,” says Angelina Jolie.  This is a line in the film that should have been the title of “Maleficent.” Don’t get me wrong, Angelina Jolie totally knocks her performance out of the park with those cheek bones, red lips and fiery attitude, but the film itself is lost in a mediocre storyline and poor CGI/special effects.  If only this story would have been … Continue reading “Maleficent” Film Review