“Sisters” Film Review

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler are comedic match made in heaven.

Sisters, the latest comedy from director Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect) and writer Paula Pell (Saturday Night Live), is an extreme improvement from Fey and Poehler’s pairing in Baby Mama.  Here, the two of them get to do what they do best: have fun & make people laugh.  Not only are the jokes pretty damn good, but Poehler & Fey play off each other so well with a strong supporting cast.

Maura (Poehler) & Kate (Fey) Ellis are two opposite sisters that still managed to have a strong love for each other.  Maura is a successful, but divorced nurse living in Atlanta, while Kate is still working on growing up, raising a daughter & living off of someone’s couch.  However, life changes when Maura receives a phone call from their parents, Bucky (played by James Brolin) & Deana (played by Dianne Wiest).  The two of them break the news that they are thinking of selling the house and would like Maura & Kate to come clean out their old rooms.  Oh, and they want Maura to tell Kate the news since she is difficult.

Maura ends up convincing Kate to come with her to Orlando and doesn’t mention anything about the house.  But, when the two of them arrive, it doesn’t take long for Kate to figure the news out when they see a SOLD sign on the front lawn.  Maura is shocked because she thought they were going to discuss the issue, while Kate is just pissed, as she was planning to move her & her daughter Haley in with her rents for a bit.  Plus, their parents have basically moved out & live in a fancy condo.

Maura & Kate decide to try going through their old room, but the whole thing sparks idea from Kate that they should throw a party.  This is because Maura has always been like the babysitter for her big sister during her party days, & she never had the chance to let her freak flag fly.  So, the two of them agree to pull some old high school friends together & throw one last party in the old house.

As they plan the party the next day, Maura is trying to convince Kate to take a job with a nail salon, while Kate is trying to get Maura to invite the hot, single neighbor, James (played by Ike Barinholtz), to the party.  Plus, Maura has been hiding a secret from Kate that could eventually devastate their whole relationship.  However, the party goes on & it becomes one hell of a night full of mayhem, laughs & eventually, lessons for both of these ladies.

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler have great comedic timing with each other, and it shows that the two know how to work off of each other.  It’s nice to see Fey kind of taking on a role that Poehler would usually play & vice versa. They are also joined by some other comedic talent including Bobby Moynihan, John Leguizamo, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch & John Cena.  It makes for a sort of Saturday Night Live reunion.  Cena is really on a role with his comedic films, with this & Trainwreck.  I must say, he is doing pretty damn well.

Paul Moore is known for bringing the memorable a cappella comedy Pitch Perfect to the screen and succeeded in doing so with a smart screenplay and fun cast.  Here, it does super well again, even though Paula Pell’s screenplay looses some steam in some spots.  For example, the ending seemed a little rushed & unstructured.  Like, okay we have all of this crazy stuff going on, now where do I go?  Or, there are a few comedic moments that fall flat due to the length of how long the scenes are played.  It’s not often, but you can tell that a few moments could have been tweaked.


Sisters is a strong Christmas comedy, thanks to Poehler & Fey.  It probably is one of favorite comedies of 2015, as it had me laughing in tears throughout a majority of the film.  Rated R.

3 and a half diamonds


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