“Room” Film Review

Rarely do movies leave me speechless, but Room is one film that has me struck speechless, due to this moving and unbelievable story, led by Oscar nominee Brie Larson and supported by recent Critics’ Choice Award winner Jacob Tremblay.

The film is based off the novel by Emma Donoghue, who also wrote the screenplay and scored an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.  Her work is filled with emotion and awe, that comes to life through, now Oscar nominee, director Lenny Abrahamson (Frank), along with the profound and deep performances of its actors.

Ma or Joy (Larson) and her five-year-old son Jack (Tremblay) spend their days in “the room” laughing, looking out through the skylight and watching TV.  Of course Jack is a curious five-year-old who asks questions about the world, as well.  It’s a very sad box that they live in, but it’s all Jack knows, meaning he makes the most out of each and every day.

The truth is, though, Joy was kidnapped when she was 17-years-old by a man, known as Old Nick (played by Sean Bridgers), and he kept her hostage in this garden shed in his backyard.  As all of these sad stories go, he sexually assaulted her, which led to giving birth to Jack.  Jack has become Joy’s everything, but she cannot stand to see him locked in “the room” anymore.

To help Jack escape, Joy comes up with a plan that she thinks will be the best for getting Jack help.  And the plan does eventually work.  However, Jack doesn’t really know the area from where he came from, but with his words and some quick thinking police officers, they are able to get Joy out as well.

There new life in the world leads to many mixed emotions, including Jack learning how to deal with talking to other people and making friends.  He is not use to the voices of other men and women, and it frightens him when his grandmother Nancy (played by Joan Allen) even tries to help him.  Eventually, he starts to trust certain people, but his mother is still haunted by the memories of “the room.”

Brie Larson gives a tour de force performance in the leading role.  She just gives off so many different emotions at once, that it all starts to feel so real.  Like, she realizes she should be happy and positive to be out of the shed, but she cannot help but feel the depression as well.  Larson captures every moment with such depth and bravado, that you just want to hug this woman.  Now I see why she is winning all of the Best Actress awards.

Jacob Tremblay was definitely robbed of a Best Supporting Actor nominee for this role. This is the Quevenzhané Wallis performance of the year, but better.  Tremblay is a very well spoken young little boy when he does his interviews, so to see him immerse himself into this role where he needs to play a curious, but also shy and vulnerable boy is just incredible.

As for the rest of the cast, Joan Allen is definitely the next standout.  I would have given her a Best Supporting Actress nominee for being the mother trying to cope with the fact that her daughter is back, but so much in life has changed.  William H. Macy plays Joy’s father, but his scenes are very brief.

Like I said before, writer Emma Donoghue and director Lenny Abrahamson have crated an excellent drama, very worthy of every award that it has been nominated.  I would love to see the two of them make another film together again, as Donoghue’s writing is so real and raw, which goes well with Abrahamson’s artistic direction to actually film and see the world around us.


Room is another top drama for 2015, that will for sure go under my favorite 2015 films. Larson and Tremblay both give superb performances that make this film into one beautiful piece of filmmaking.  Rated R.

5 diamonds


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