Film Glamour Ratings

For films and such, Film Glamour uses the following diamond rating system, in order from highest to lowest:

Five Diamonds: Glamorous.
5 diamonds

Four and a Half Diamonds: So close to glamorous.  Minor hiccup.

4 and a half diamonds

Four Diamonds: Shining film, little dusty.

4 diamonds

Three and a Half Diamonds: I would accept the diamond, but some things need to be worked on.

3 and a half diamonds

Three Diamonds: Just okay.  But not horrible.

3 diamonds

Two and Half Diamonds: Starting to get dull.

2 and half diamonds

Two Diamonds: Dull. Sparkle is 10%.

2 diamonds

One and a Half Diamonds: There better be champagne with these diamonds.

1 and half diamonds

One Diamond: Return the diamond.  It’s cheap.

1 diamond

Half of Diamond: Is this from a 25 cent machine?

half of diamond


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